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Nancy Duarte

Nancy Duarte Life Coach is a former Family Therapist for the past 23 years and is now a Life Coach. Abuse was her story, and she had to confront her abuser and find the courage to leave this madman. She has dedicated herself to empowering women of courage. She pulls no punches and holds nothing back and her aim is directed at her own formerly panicky self as she is allowing you to be the beneficiary of her former faintheartedness. She thoroughly spells out a plan for living a personally courageous life in her courses. Her intention is to teach you new truths that require you to admit that these old truths are indeed lies. She offers you brutal honesty and helps you live in a place where it will all be well. "The Road Less Traveled Digital Course", "Toxic Relationships" Digital Course and "7 Shocking Truths Every Parent Should Know About Divorce & Kid's Digital Course."

Stay Child Focused

The thought of a divorce can be stressful and overwhelming. You may feel as though your family's happiness is at stake, but it really comes down to what will be best for the kids in this situation. Divorce brings several types of emotions to the entire family, and the children involved are no different. Feelings of loss, anger, confusion, anxiety, and much more, all may come from this transition. Divorce leaves children feeling overwhelmed and emotionally sensitive. Most often when parents fight over custody arrangements with their children involved there are two main outcomes. Either both parties get time together or separate periods during which one parent has full involvement; however no matter how much we want them too, sometimes these decisions aren't easy ones because they involve putting our dreams on hold while trying to figure out who gets primary residence- where do I live? There are so many things to consider. Are you an available parent? Or are you just trying to get custody? If you're resisting shared custody, ask yourself whether the things that you think make your spouse a weak parent are really all that serious. Are you really concerned about your kids, or are you just trying to control things?

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